Experience Legal is reimagining the user experience of legal services. We run our practice like our clients design their products – with an intense, singular focus on user experience. 

In other words, it's not about us – it's about your experience with us.

Your Goals

You’re a developer with a great program, you’re a mathematician with an innovative algorithm, you’re the CEO of a budding start-up. Your goal is to implement your brilliant idea and ensure that your startup is successful. Your goal isn’t to form a business, hire employees, seek fundraising, register your securities, protect your intellectual property or challenge government enforcement actions. Don’t worry – that's what we're here for. Experience Legal will leave you free to focus on your goals while we ease you through the legal and entrepreneurial lifecycle of your business.





Our Solutions

For Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs

Although we were trained as lawyers at some of the largest law firms in the world, we're really entrepreneurs at heart who happen to be lawyers. That's why we're passionate about shepherding tech startups and early-stage companies through their entire life cycle of legal and business issues, from entity formation (onshore and offshore), venture financing and other capital raises, strategic partnerships, through (hopeful) exit. 

So sure, we know all the legal stuff: we routinely prepare offering documents, including private placement memoranda, partnership agreements, and seed capital agreements. We stand out because we provide the same depth of legal experience and quality of advice as large law firms, but combine it with a superior understanding of business and a more open-minded approach. 

Experts in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

While we work with innovative companies of all stripes, we have a particular fondness for companies in the enterprise blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We have helped dozens of such companies with:

  1. Understanding the United States securities laws, including over $100 million of token sales through exemptions: 
    • Regulation A+ (small issues)
    • Regulation D/Rule 506 (accredited investors)
    • Regulation S (offshore investors), and 
    • Regulation CF (crowdfunding); 
  2. Analyzing digital assets under the securities laws for possible listing on exchanges;
  3. Drafting SEC no-action letters; 
  4. Reviewing white papers, marketing materials, and assisting with accredited investor certification; 
  5. Proactive remediation of non-compliant initial coin offerings (ICOs);
  6. Anti-money laundering (AML), know-your-customer (KYC), and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) screening and reporting compliance; 
  7. Broker-dealer registration with FINRA; and
  8. Money services business registration with FinCEN.

We also have a robust investigations and regulatory enforcement practice. We have represented crypto and other clients who have received subpoenas and are facing investigations or regulatory matters before the Department of Justice, SEC, CFTC, and FINRA. In those matters, we have written Wells Notice submissions and briefs for proceedings in front of the SEC. 



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Ryan founded Experience Legal because he enjoys turning concepts into companies, applying his unique blend of legal, finance, and business strategy skills. Ryan's legal experience spans every kind of technology transaction, IP, and M&A. He has been a trusted advisor for dozens of public and startup companies since his years practicing with the law firms Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe (Technology Companies Group) and Morrison & Foerster (Capital Markets Group). Ryan earned his JD at NYU Law. 


Ashok counsels public and startup companies on regulatory matters and investigations before the SEC, CFTC, FINRA, DOJ, FinCen, and IRS. He also develops corporate compliance programs from scratch, from the drafting of policies to program implementation and operation. Before Experience Legal, Ashok was a Managing Associate with the global law firms Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe and Baker McKenzie. Ashok earned a joint JD/MPA from NYU Law and Princeton University. 


Ranvir advises tech and blockchain startups on corporate formation, M&A, financing, SAFEs and IPOs, as well as on non-corporate matters such as employment, licensing, and securities compliance. He previously worked at prominent law firms including Cooley, DLA Piper, WilmerHale and Fenwick & West, and as in-house corporate counsel for Silicon Valley companies.


Emily concentrates on Experience clients' securities and corporate law issues. She is a UK-trained lawyer who worked in England and France before graduating with a masters in law from UCLA School of Law. She co-authored a legal treatise on blockchain law with the firm Berns Weiss LLP and has worked with several blockchain start-ups across the globe. 

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